Why choose Aviron?

The time to pursue a profession in the trades is now. Re-engineer your career at Aviron Quebec!

Aviron Quebec has been helping thousands of domestic and international students achieve their dream careers in the trades by offering high-demand programs in Plumbing and Heating, Electricity, Carpentry-Joinery, Welding-Assembly, Mechanics and IT support since 1961.

Quick Jumpstart to
a Professional Career

At Aviron Quebec, our programs range from 1 to 2 years. By pursuing a career in the trades, students significantly reduce the amount of time spent in school, allowing them to join the workforce sooner


With the housing market on the rise and the ageing workforce, the demand for tradespeople will remain on the rise as well.

Career Growth
and Job Security

The construction industry offers a lot of room for rapid advancement and career growth, and unlike other professions, skill trades are not outsourced easily due to their nature, so those in the trades industry can rest assured the trades are a resilient career choice.

Work Across Canada
(with a Red Seal)

A Red Seal verifiesthat an individual has attained a nationally recognized level of competency in their particular trade. A tradesperson with a Red Seal can practice their trade anywhere in Canada. The added mobility of a Red Seal trade means you have the flexibility to take your career throughout the country!


Are you ready to experience success? Aviron Quebec trains its students with the utmost professionalism and excellence in our state-of-the-art facilities, with only one goal in mind, to prepare them to be a desirable, successful and productive asset to the industry.

A winning formula? No doubt about it! That is why we have not stopped for 60 years!



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