02 / Jul | News

Join the Trades!

Did you know tradespeople are among the happiest workers in Canada?

Reports have shown ...

24 / Jun | News

Plumbing Tips!

There's always room to learn, especially in the trades. This article highlights "15 plum...

16 / Jun | News

To learn a Skilled Trade is to have a Job for Life

The most important part of standing out from the crowd when you apply for a skilled trades job is...

10 / Jun | News

Plumbing and Heating Course in Quebec City

With such cold winters in Canada, heating technicians will always be needed to help people stay n...

02 / Jun | News

Women in the Trades!!

Women make up 5% of skilled trades workers nationwide, according to Statistics Canada. However, n...

26 / May | News

Do you enjoy tinkering with Cars?

Maybe you should consider a career as an Read More

19 / May | News

Are you Interested in Welding?

Rocket ships and submarines need experienced welders to make them perform safely, in space and un...

10 / May | News

Career in Construction Electricity!

Working with Read More

06 / May | News

Number one tip to get started in the Trades!

It can be tricky to determine where you want to specialize in a field full of options. So, here i...

28 / Apr | News

Safety First in Electrical field!

Whenever you work with power tools or on electrical circuits, there is a risk of electrical hazar...

22 / Apr | News

Explore a career in Skilled Trades

A field expected to be among the most in-demand job sectors in 2022 and beyond.

There w...

14 / Apr | News

Are you interested in learning Computer Support Program?

Learning about computer software, operating systems, applications, databases, troubleshooting and...

08 / Apr | News

Endless possibilities in Plumbing

Contrary to popular belief becoming a plumber doesn't mean you will spend your days fixing to...

01 / Apr | News

Do you enjoy tinkering on cars?

Maybe you should consider a career as an Read More

25 / Mar | News

What is Computing support program?

What is our Read More

18 / Mar | News

What will you learn (Welding)?

Let’s talk welding!

This 2-year program provides students with a hands-on an...

11 / Mar | News

Do you have a plateau in your current career and are looking for a change?

The skilled trades could be the answer. A field full of opportunities, good compensation and unst...

11 / Mar | News

Did you know trades people are among the happiest workers in Canada?

Reports have shown that about 64% of tradespeople have a sense of achievement through their work,...

12 / Nov | News

Five different types of welding. Their pros and cons.

Welding is a manufacturing process where two or more parts are fused using heat, pressure, or bot...

06 / Apr | News


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