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Program Overview:

Are you looking for a career that is challenging, stable and financially worthwhile? Then it's time to consider a career in the electrical trades.

Aviron Quebec offers a rewarding career in the electrical trades.
Our Electricity program will prepare you to play a fundamental role as an electrical contractor or within a manufacturing facility. Installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems and communication networks, etc.



Our graduates are equipped with a combination of soft and hard skills to help them become a successful electrician and build a long-lasting career:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Time management
  • Safety knowledge
  • Precision skills


Admission Requirements: 


  • B2 (Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) score that is equivalent to a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of at least 7 for each ability: at least 310 for speaking, 249 for listening, 207 for reading and 310 for writing)
  • Grade 12 (India) or Grade 12 or Bachelors (other regions)

Non-SDS Countries*:

  • TCF|TEF|DELF|DALF|EVOLANG B2 or equivalent level achieved from Matrix AAP French***. Students from native French-speaking countries are exempt.)
  • Grade 12 or Bachelor’s or Equivalent

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Aviron Quebec provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to succeed in the field. Our training includes subjects such as:

  • Voltage, current and power of electrical circuits
  • Sketching and circuit diagrams
  • Proper handle of tools and materials
  • Install electrical conduits, residential branch circuits and associated protective devices
  • Install and maintain three-phase transformers, service entrance and emergency power supply, lighting and heating systems.

*SDS Countries: Philippines, China, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Senegal, Vietnam.
**Non-SDS Countries / Visa application under General Category in a SDS Country: Middle East, North Africa (Morocco incl.), Sub Sahara Africa (Senegal incl.), LatAm / Br, South East Asia (Vietnamand Philippines incl.), CIS.

Why Choose Aviron Quebec?

The skilled trades industry offers countless possibilities. Discover how your passions and goals can be realized at Aviron Quebec.

  • Hands-on training
  • Industry recognized programs
  • Ministry of education recognized programs
  • No admission tests
  • Reputable since 1961
  • Expenses eligible for tax credit and government grants

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